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About Us

About Vittle Feast

Vittle Feast is a “Feed the Hungry Program” which started in 2018 through Heavenly Feast Revival Church, Lalor, Victoria, Australia.

Our Organization provides emergency support to low income earners , aged population and pensioners in the Northern suburbs and South Eastern suburbs under Frankston city council of Melbourne through the distribution of the free food boxes on a weekly basis.

Vittle Feast’s vision is to”Wipe out food vulnerability from Australia.”

Inspite of Australia’s reputation as a “Blessed Nation” Food bank Hunger Report of 2019 says 3.6 million Australians have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months. This alarmed us as a Church and we wanted to extend our time and compassion to our fellow Australians who are doing it tough. This is a humble gift of our gratefulness to the blessed country of Australia.

Our purpose is to assist both the individuals and families in crisis and provide a place where people can come to be cared for, supported and loved without any prejudice.

We are a team of Passionate Volunteers working together to distribute nourishing food from the suppliers to the people in need in our community. We derive tonnes of joy from this humble endeavor which we love to and look forward to be engaged in.


Vittle feast School Breakfast Club

According to Food bank Australia the ‘Rumbling Tummies: Child Hunger in Australia reports One in five kids affected by food insecurity go to school without eating breakfast at least once a week, while one in ten go a whole day at least once a week without eating anything at all.

The Vittle Feast School Breakfast Club Program was formed to obliterate hunger in schools in the Whittlesea council area children who otherwise were not able to have their breakfast.


School Breakfast Club Program helps students not only by providing food but also improves their behavior and social interactions by eating together, thus providing our society with more productive and socially conscious future generations who may also have a sense of togetherness.

Vittle Feast School Breakfast Club believes that “We Rise By Lifting Others”.

Vittle Feast School Breakfast Club Program also encourages the community participation by having volunteers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Vittle Feast School Breakfast Program Can help prevent hunger, increase school enrollment, reduce absenteeism, and improve learning outcomes in school children. We strive to reflect God’s Unconditional love to all mankind regardless of race or religion.

We pray that by God’s Grace and with your relentless support we can continue to bring relief to the suffering and hope to the hopeless.

Vittle Cuddle

A joyful endeavour that added another feather to Vittle feast’s cap. We donated beanies and jackets to the tiny tots at Northern Health Foundation in the second week of June 2020 through Northern Health Hospital, Epping.  Joisie Verga, Founder and the Engagement Manager collected the gift hampers from the president of Vittle Feast, Pastor Cherian Peter.

We assure our ongoing support and contribution to the NHF. 

The Vittle Feast School Breakfast Club Program was formed to obliterate hunger in schools in the Whittlesea council area children who otherwise were not able to have their breakfast.


Clean Up Australia

Vittle feast proudly runs the program “Clean Up Australia” in our local community of Lalor to raise awareness and to encourage people to be responsible for the waste we leave behind, which is hazardous to the environment. Our volunteers worked as a team in the area of Lalor on 28/01/20 to gather waste strewn around the streets and rightly disposed it off in segregated bins. Kids from 3 years of age and grownups participated and we believe that these events are a good investment to the habits of coming generation inspiring them to cherish the environment that they are gifted with.

Life Blood Program

Vittle Feast’s Life Blood Program supports the Red Cross Australia Foundation. 1 in 3 people in the world need a blood product in their lifetime. Only 1 in 30 people donate blood and that is not enough!  30% of all donated blood goes to meet people with the cancer. Vittle feast organised a day of blood donation seminar at Lalor library on 8/2/2020 under the banner of Red Cross Foundation.  Volunteers and community members who attended the event donated blood via Red Cross on this day contributing to the initiative “Donate Blood to save a life”. 


Trash 2 Treasure

Vittle Feast’s newest addition to its mission is Trash 2 Treasure where a number of empty bags are distributed to the home of our friends and families. The members of the home can put the unused longlife food from the pantry at the end of a month until the bag is filled. This bag is collected from the home and food donated will be checked and recycled to another home for their use. This provides an opportunity for the food to be used by the needy and prevents it from going to waste. A dream in our Pastor Cherian Peter’s heart fulfilled through this great initiative. 

Helping Maternal and Child health

Vittle feast handed over gift hampers to Whittlesea Maternal & Child Health Nurses on 17/6/2020 and promises to continue ongoing support to the entity in coming months so as to support the mothers and growing children in our community.


Outback Ministry

Vittle feast also supports the indigenous community of Australia by providing food packets to regional Australia. A team of leaders visited Horsham, Ivanhoe (NSW ) and surrounding areas on an off-road trip in April 2019 called “Mission Patrol Australia”. Food packets were distributed in the region which was received with such gratefulness that jerked a tear or two from our Volunteers. Our Members were appalled by the harsh reality of life of the farmers in regional Australia. In addition, food hampers are being distributed in Mildura through the local church. Vittle feast also supported in contributing to the bushfire crisis in early 2020. Our heart is full when we do these for our blessed country Australia and we would love to extend our hands more to these joyful endeavours.

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