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2 May Road

Lalor VIC - 3075

+61 480 281 906

Mon to Fri 9am to 5 pm
For Vittlefeast Frankston City Council Area

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Mernda VIC - 3754

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Together we can make a bigger difference

If you are looking to join hands with our versatile team in doing your bit to irradiate hunger among the most vulnerable in this society, here are a few ways to do it

We need people to reach the food boxes to the families that need it. Anyone willing to give their time towards this will help us to expand our services to more suburbs in Australia. Please contact us for registering as a volunteer.

If you cannot give your time, the next best thing is to help us generate the resources to meet the growing needs of these struggling families. An act of Compassion in the form of once off donations or a continued support will help us go that one mile extra. We are non-for-profit organisation and do not have a e-commerce system that will allow us to sustain the good will. It’s the shared kindness in the form of donations that help us keep running. Every penny ensures a smile and refresh a heart.

We are here to answer any question you may have

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